100 Letters for Peace
  Pleas for peace and messages of love, sent to the President of the USA

Letter #100 / 100

Letter #100

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  1. Sr. Mean Rice said on:

    Dear Sara, This is truly a work of faithful persistance as well as creative art put to use in the cause of the most urgent issue of our time. I do remember your kind and caring letters shared with us while we were in our places of detention. Have you a place to stay on delivery of this 100th letter? Please drive carefully, be safe to make it all the way. Let me know, please if you have any difficulty. The Catholic Worker Community will be vigilling in fromt of the W(bl)ite House on Fridays from 12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM. May we see you there? Happy delivery of all to which you have given birth! Love, Megan